What are Tooth Colored Fillings?

Have a cavity? Then you’ll need to get a tooth-colored filling from us!fillings

According to the CDC, back in 2011-2012 about 91 percent of US adults between the ages of 20 and 64 had a cavity. This is a pretty startling statistic, especially since all adults have some degree of decay and some have cavities but don’t even know it. By visiting our Katonah, NY, dentists, Dr. Enyoung Park and Dr. Terry Lin, for regular dental exams we are more likely to catch decay before it turns into a full-blown cavity. Of course, we can also detect and treat cavities before they wreak more serious havoc.

So, you have a cavity. What next? First thing’s first, we need to remove the decay. If decay is left untreated it will just continue to spread throughout the tooth until it breaks through the hard enamel and dentin layers and enters the inside of the tooth. The goal of our Katonah general dentist is to catch and treat the cavity before it ever reaches the inside of the tooth.

As most people already know, in order to remove decay we have to use a dental drill. While we know the idea isn’t pleasant the process is completely painless. Before removing decay we apply a local anesthesia to completely numb the area. We will continue to monitor you throughout the course of your treatment to make sure you are comfortable and that you don’t feel any discomfort.

Once the decay has been fully removed it is time to restore the tooth. After all, no one wants visible holes in their teeth. Plus, believe it or not, these little holes can actually make your teeth weaker. In order to ensure that your teeth are as strong as they can be after a cavity we will need to place a dental filling.

Fortunately, no one will ever be able to tell that you have a dental filling. This is because the filling material we use is first matched to the shade of your tooth to make sure that it blends in and isn’t visible. From there, we apply the first layer of the resin, molding and shaping it over the hole. Once the first layer is set we will shine a dental laser over it to harden it over the tooth. Now, we will apply the next layer. We will continue to apply layer after layer until the tooth has been fully restored.

ParkLin Dental in Katonah, NY, is ready to provide you with the dental care you need to keep your smile healthy. No matter whether you are dealing with a toothache or you just need to schedule your next dental cleaning, we are here for you.

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