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By ParkLin Dental, PC
May 05, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Timing is an important consideration in just about everything in life, including dental implants. In fact, the sooner you talk to your Katonah, NY, dentists, Dr. Enyoung Park and Dr. Terry Lin of ParkLin Dental, about replacing missing teeth with implants, the better.

How dental implants restore your lost teeth

Dental implants are combined with dental crowns to create synthetic teeth that feel and work just like natural teeth. Tiny screw-like posts called implants are placed in your jawbone during minor surgery during the first step in the dental implant process. The implants osseointegrate, or bond, to your jawbone in a matter of months. Dental crowns connected to the top of the implants improve your appearance and make chewing and biting possible.

Why replacing missing teeth as soon as possible is the best option

Soon after you've lost a tooth or teeth is the best time to pay a visit to the Katonah dental office to discuss dental implants. If you wait too long, you may face these issues:

  • Shifting Teeth: After you lose a tooth, your other teeth may begin to drift and overlap. As the teeth shift, you may notice changes in your appearance and your bite. When you receive a dental implant as soon as possible, you won't have to worry about changes caused by drifting teeth.
  • Weakening Jawbone: Your tooth roots press on your jawbone, which provides the stimulation the bone needs to remain strong. Without that stimulation, the jawbone may begin to shrink, which can cause the loss of other teeth and sagging facial muscles. Dental implants stimulate your jawbone, preventing these unfortunate changes.
  • Chewing Difficulties: The loss of even one tooth can make biting, chewing, grinding, and tearing food more difficult. If you decide to only chew on side of your mouth, those teeth may be subject to excessive wear and tear that could damage them. Dental implants make chewing much easier and won't decrease your biting power, like some tooth restoration options.
  • Appearance Concerns: The longer you wait to replace missing teeth, the worse you may feel about your smile. Implants improve your appearance, helping you avoid a blow to your self-confidence.

Are you ready to fill the gaps in your smile with dental implants? Call your dentists in Katonah, NY, Drs. Dr. Enyoung Park and Dr. Terry Lin of ParkLin Dental, at (914) 232-8182 to schedule your appointment.

By ParkLin Dental, PC
August 20, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dentures FAQs

Dr. Enyoung Park and Dr. Terry Y. Lin are Katonah dentists at ParkLin Dental. They can give you an examination and provide you with a customized set of dentures. Here are some commonly asked questions about dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

How can dentures help me?

Losing your teeth can not only be painful, but it can also make it difficult to eat and speak. Dentures can resolve these problems and will also restore the structure of your face.

How long will my dentures last?

If you take good care of your dentures and follow the instructions for proper cleaning, they can last for many years. Just like your natural teeth, over time, your dentures will begin to wear down and they will become discolored. You will need them adjusted from time to time to ensure that they fit comfortably.

How will dentures affect the way I bite and chew?

It will take a few weeks to get used to your first set of dentures, but once you have, you will be happy with the results. You will be able to enjoy more types of food than you could when you had missing teeth.

How should I clean my dentures?

To avoid breakage, always clean your dentures over a towel or bowl of water, Brush then with a denture brush and denture cleaner with tepid water. You should clean your dentures after each meal.

Should I take my dentures out at night?

It really a matter of personal choice. Discuss it with your dentist and they will tell you if when to take your dentures out and how to store them safely.

If you would like to find out more about dentures in Katonah, call ParkLin Dental at (914) 232-8182 to request an appointment.

By ParkLin Dental, PC
May 28, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Learn more about dental implants and how they can permanently replace missing teeth.

With proper oral hygiene and care, a dental implant can last you the rest of your life. That is why so many adults turn to our Katonah, NY, dentists Dr. Enyoung Park and Dr. Terry Lin, for dental implants.

Here are some things that you should know about this tooth-loss treatment option:

The implant replaces the entire tooth

An implant is the only tooth replacement option that is able to restore the entire structure of your tooth, from the roots to the crown. While the crown is the only part of your restoration that’s visible, the metal implant itself is placed into the jawbone where it takes the place of your missing tooth roots. A dental implant allows our patients here in Katonah, NY, to be able to improve the function, strength, and stability of their teeth.

An implant can last for decades

A dental implant has become a very popular way to replace missing teeth in adults because the implant truly looks and functions just like a real tooth, making it a very attractive option. These small but mighty tooth replacements offer an up to 98 percent success rate. Plus, since the implant itself naturally fuses together with bone and tissue, this also means that the implant will become a permanent part of your mouth. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene and continue to come in for routine checkups, there is no reason why your implant couldn’t last you the rest of your life.

Most people can benefit from dental implants

Are you a healthy individual who is missing one or more permanent teeth? If you said yes, then you could very well be an ideal candidate for implants. It doesn’t matter how many teeth you need to replace; dental implants can replace all of them. In order to determine if implants are right for you, we will go through your medical history, assess your oral health, and take x-rays to make sure your jawbone is strong enough to support an implant.

ParkLin Dental in Katonah, NY, prides itself on providing the highest quality restorations, from lifelike dental implants to long-lasting porcelain veneers and dentures. To learn more about dental implants and how they can replace your missing teeth, please call us at (914) 232-8182.

By ParkLin Dental, PC
March 09, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental implants restore missing teeth and enhance your smile, but the improvement in your appearance is far from the only advantage. Your Katonah, NY, dentists, Drs. Enyoung Park and Terry Lin of ParkLin Dental, can help you consider all the benefits of dental implants.

How dental implants replace missing teeth

A dental implant allows your dentist to reconstruct your entire missing tooth. Implants may not look like your natural roots, but they function the same way. The tiny titanium posts are added to your jawbone during minor oral surgery and soon begin to osseointegrate, or bond, to your jawbone.

Osseointegration ensures that your synthetic roots are strong enough to withstand years of wear and tear and chewing. Dental implants are connected to dental crowns to restore the visible parts of your teeth.

4 ways implants can help your smile

Dental implants can:

  • Make Eating Easier: Losing one tooth can compromise your ability to bite, tear and grind foods. When multiple teeth or all of your teeth are missing, chewing becomes very difficult. Dental implants make it possible to return your usual diet.
  • Help You Avoid Changes to Your Biting Power: It takes considerable power to bite into and chew hard or fibrous foods. Without strong tooth roots, it's just not possible to chew these foods. Since dental implants are securely attached to your jaw, you won't experience any loss of biting power.
  • Keep Your Other Teeth from Drifting: Losing a tooth can have more than just an aesthetic impact. After tooth loss, other teeth may start to move toward the gap in your smile. Unfortunately, the movement can alter the alignment of your teeth and even change your bite, the way your upper and lower teeth fit together.
  • Protect Your Jawbone: Although you may not feel anything, your jawbone can change after you lose a tooth. Called "resorption," the problem occurs when your jawbone shrinks due to decreased stimulation from tooth roots. Eventually, resorption can cause your teeth to loosen and may be responsible for facial sagging. Dental implants prevent resorption from occurring by offering the stimulation your jawbone needs.

Restore your smile with dental implants. Call your dentists in Katonah, NY, Drs. Park and Lin of ParkLin Dental, at (914) 232-8182 to schedule an appointment.

By ParkLin Dental, PC
February 19, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Replacing a missing tooth is something that all adults struggling with tooth loss should consider. After all, treatment not only maintains your appearance, but it keeps the rest of your teeth healthy and properly functioning as well. Here at ParkLin Dental in Katonah, NY, Dr. Enyoung Park and Dr. Terry Lin offer several different options for replacing your missing teeth. Two of the most popular treatment options are outlined below:


Made from a pink plastic base for the gum tissue and realistic ceramic or resin for the teeth, removable dentures are a popular option for replacing natural teeth. Dentures may be full or partial, depending on your needs. Full dentures replace all of one's permanent teeth, while partial dentures attach to the remaining teeth to fill in empty spaces. For those who have bone loss and other health conditions that prevent them from having dental implants, dentures are a good alternative. Regular checkups with your Katonah dentist will ensure that your dentures are well-maintained and fitting properly.

Dental Implants

For a permanent solution to missing teeth, your Katonah dentist often recommends dental implants. These restorations offer "the whole package" because they replace an absent tooth from the bottom upwards. The post of the implant, which is made from lightweight metal, acts as the roots of your new tooth, while the ceramic crown is attached on top. Unlike dentures, dental implants never need to be removed or adjusted. The result is a long-lasting and low-maintenance tooth replacement that gives you the freedom to eat, talk, and smile as normal.

Need a Tooth Replacement? Give Us a Call

If you need one or more of your permanent teeth replaced with dentures or dental implants, contact ParkLin Dental in Katonah, New York to make an appointment with Dr. Park or Dr. Lin. Contact us at (914) 232-8182 for an appointment today!