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April 13, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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The most common causes of tooth loss in adults are decay and trauma. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, about 120 million Americans have lost at least a tooth. Here at ParkLin Dental, PC, in Katonah, NY, Dr. Enyoung Park and Dr. Terry Lin use dental implants and other teeth restoration solutions for replacing missing teeth.

That said, many people do not consider treatment because either they feel that it is unnecessary or it is not covered by their dental plan. In reality, not replacing a lost tooth can be detrimental to your health.

Causes of Tooth Loss

For many adults, aging is one of the usual reasons for tooth loss. However, many different causes should be considered why your teeth fall off. Understanding these reasons will help you to prevent and extend the life of your teeth to minimize the possibility of loss. These causes include:

  • Poor diet or eating habits
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Practices that harm your teeth like grinding for example
  • Accidents

A balanced diet results in good oral health. This is the easiest and simplest way to safeguard yourself against tooth loss. By eating the right foods that protect instead of harm your teeth, you can prevent cavities, decay, and eventually tooth loss. Among these causes, accidents are the hardest to guard against because you never know when it will happen.

However, if you actively participate in sports, you can always invest in a high-quality mouthguard to protect you against concussions, fractures of the teeth and jaw, injuries to the neck as well as mucous membranes of the mouth and tooth loss.

The Negative Consequences of Teeth Loss

Aside from a less pleasant smile or changes in the way you speak, tooth loss could likewise affect the way you eat as well as your self-confidence. Besides these, other more serious issues that can result from a lost tooth include:

  • Bone Loss: This inevitably follows tooth loss. To maintain the density of the jawbone, it has to be stimulated. This normally comes from your teeth. A single tooth loss reduces this stimulation and gradually decreases bone density. To remedy this, your dentist in Katonah, NY, may recommend dental implants, as these are the only teeth restorations that prevent jawbone loss.
  • Collapse: As bone loss ensues, the distance between the tip of your chin and your nose begins to decrease resulting in a collapsed look. Aside from the sagging chin, it also makes you prone to jaw fractures and bite collapse.
  • Jaw Joint Pain: The more teeth you lose, the more dental issues you face and the less functional your mouth becomes. The increased spacing of your teeth and less functionality could also result in excessive jaw pain.

For More Details on Tooth Loss and Possible Solutions like Dental Implants, Give Us a Call

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